11/11/13 B Dormont, PA


Ok, so I`m JUST getting into this job.. The drywall guy was supposed to be out of the house a month ago!!... Today I got the bottom floor sanded down and edged out (pictures snapped before edging occured).. lots of "dips" in the floor.. I think I`m going to bypass the stairs for now and concentrate my efforts on the top and bottom floor, hitting the stairs at a later date if need be, so that the home owners can at least get their belongs into the house in time for their move in date.. I`ll see where Im at come Thursday, but the flooring has total priority at this point..



11/9/13 NWD Monroeville, PA


OK, this isnt actually the final coat on this floor (this was taken before the final) but I couldnt resist putting up a picture..I know I said I would post pictures of the completed floor today, but it occured to me that the floor would be wet, and wet it would be night and day.. I`ll be back out at the house tomorrow to take pictures of the rest of the completed hardwood and pick up my check.. Right Mike?!.. Right? :)

11/7/13 B Dormont, PA



Oh yeah!!  Who doesnt love a challenge?..The title of this entry could very well be "Raising The Dead"

Here we have a pine floor that is completely blown out.. The stairs are so ridiculously rough you can actually feel every bit of grain (they are fresh from off the tree haha).. The guy who previously sanded these floors obviously had no clue what he was doing.. there are "drum drops" everywhere.. there are places where he literally dug the hell outta this floor..

I have to run over to Carnegie Coffee House to see their floors.. She likes them and wants to match as close as possible with what she has.. From the pictures she sent me, it looks like a Waterlox/Brown stain mix..


11/6/13 NWD Monroeville, PA

Here I have the floor sanded and a nice clean line cut. I have the existing flooring taped off with blue painters tape and am ready to stain. I will be matching the color (Red Mahogany) and sheen (satin) to make this an unnoticable transition.. Stay tuned for the final pictures.. Ill post them up once I have the floor done in its entirety (11/9/13)..  Time to head to another job!

11/4/13 NWD Monroeville, PA

This weeks floor is a revisit to a job I had done a few weeks ago. The home owner was unable to have all the hardwood sanded and refinished at the same time due to furniture moving logistics. So we broke the job down into two separate stages. This allowed us to do one half of the house, let it dry, then move all the furniture over to the finished side to complete the project.


The darker floor is the one that was refinished a few weeks ago ( it will be apperent on the close up pictures)  The picture on the right shows the hallway.  There were two "breaking points" on this floor.

You can refinish a floor in separate stages as long as your "breaking points"  run with the direction of the flooring.. You could never stop the floor and pick it back up running the opposite direction.. there would be a definitive line and it would be dead obvious that you had refinished the floor in sections.

Heres a close up to show the old flooring and the new. Stopping the new flooring running with the direction of the wood will allow me to pick up the refinishing and create a seamless transition.. You wont even know the floor was done in two parts.

The vinyl flooring and brass pieces wrapping it (against the wall to the right) will be removed and the hardwood underneath will be refinished along with the rest of the floor.

This is the room off the hallway.. Its in pretty bad shape at the moment.. At the moment...


10/1/13 WHD Munhall



Here is the completed floor. The floor is flat and the line that wrapped around the perimeter of the room has been removed.. It turned out really nice. I installed a threshold piece between the vinal floor and the hardwood floor though it isnt in the picture (I snapped these photos before I had installed it).

Ah, who am I kidding this turned out great. Before, when you walked on the floor your shoes actually stuck to the floor. All better now!

10/30/13 WHD Munhall

The customer decided to stain the hardwood Red Chestnut. I didnt see that coming at all. Red Chestnut with a satin finish, this should be good.

Heres a really cool before and after shot, with the after picture showing the floor ready for staining.

Also, as promised pictures of the steps..

Here are the steps stained Red Chestnut. The risers and skirting, which are made from Pine, will end up painted white, which will really set the stairs off and highlight the threads (Oak).

These stair treads required 3 sandings with the edger and 2 passes with an orbital. The stairs just like the flooring were incredibly "gummy". I had to drop to 24#  to even have a realistic chance of removing the old coating. And even then it was super slow going. The finish would just melt with the heat created by sanding, rendering an aggressive 24 grit  useless in seconds.. But there was no way I was dropping lower on these stair treads.

10/29/13 WHD MUNHALL

Today , I fine sanded the floor and steps (photos of steps tommorrow).. this floor is really starting to shape up now.. I cant wait to sand it with the Satellite.. its really going to bring it all together..



Here are some pictures of the floor near the front door entrance.. the great thing about hardwood floors is you can beat them to death and still expect to have a perfectly servicable floor 100 years from now... take that carpet!... now if I could just get all the carpet guys to STOP CUTTING ON THE HARDWOOD!

The black line you see in the first photo above, goes around the entire floor.. The second picture shows the uneveness of the floor (exhibited by the remaining finish left behind after sanding , this is caused by low spots in the floor).. The third picture shows the floor after two cuts and me puttying up holes and gaps.. The final picture shows the floor fined off and ready for buffing. Ill be hitting it with a Ceno Satellite followed by a Red Heat screen.. Like glass it will be.


Im pretty sure this floor is going red.. Ive done more red stains in the last 6 months than i have in the last 10 years (joke,.. sorta)

Tommorrow Ill be showing the client stain samples on the floor.. She wants to see English Chestnut , Sedona Red , Red Mahogany and Colonial Maple.. I like to show my stains on the floor itself , as its the only way to accurately know what it is your getting.. swatches and stain samples on printout paper are waaay off and totally misleading.. another point about stain swatch inaccuracy can be found in the final picture , notice the dark board , center right , see the boards beside it ? They are much , much lighter.. infact almost evey board in that picture is different.. if you were to see a stain sample on just a single board you might be in for a shock once the stain has been applied to the entire floor.. you have to see the stain on YOUR floor..


Check back tommorrow and find out what she picked.. this floor is gonna be hot ! Oh , I`ll put up pictures of the steps to.



10/28/13 WHD Munhall

This is a floor I started sanding on 10/28/13.. This floor has definitely seen better days.. There are cut lines around the walls from the previous carpet installation, the finish is very gummy and the floor has lots of deep scratching and discoloration.. I dont like it , lets get to work!

Gummy indeed!!.. Here we are 2 passes later..  Ah!.. Starting to feel much better with the floor now.

The picture above clearly shows just how uneven this floor is.. Also notice the cut lines close to the baseboards.

Getting there! This is a picture of the floor after two sandings with the edger . This floor is alot flatter and those cut lines around the perimeter are starting to come out now.

Check back tommorrow for updates on whats certain to be an awesome hardwood floor.